Key West Cemetery
Cemetery Main Gate     Main Enty
The main entry gates open at the corner of Margaret and Angela streets.

Monument of "Florida's First Millionaire" William Curry and wife
Key West graves
An enclosure of several graves
The U.S Navy Monument The U.S. Navy Plot, which was dedicated on December 11, 1898, contains as its centerpiece a bronze sailor in a Spanish-American War uniform. The monument, paid for by citizens of Key West in memory of sailors killed in Havana, was unveiled on March 15, 1900.
Buried in the plot are 27 victims of the USS Maine explosion. Marble markers for 144 other casualties from the Maine, Winslow, or Salem are nearby. Originally the plot was used during the Civil War as a Navy burying ground. The iron fence and gates were manufactured by A.F. Jorss Ornamental Iron Works of Washington D.C. and installed in 1898.
Cemetery architecture
An example of the many interesting pieces of architecture in the cemetery.
Oldest grave
James Sawyer and Captain John H. Sawyer, oldest graves in the cemetery

A crypt
Crypt of John and Edna Mitchell
Graves in Key West Cemetery
Various graves, including the Peacon family plot and that of Susan D. Quinn

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