The Oldest House
322 Duval Street
Key West, Fl 33040
Circa 1829
Key West Oldest's House   Operated by volunteers of Old Island Restoration Foundation, here was the home of a sea captain and wrecker, We show fine antiques, historic wrecking documents, ship models, and marine paintings.
The architectural style of the main house is unlike any other in Key West with it's one and a half story, its pitched roof supporting 3 different sized dormers, its deeply recessed gallieried porches at front and rear, with a downstairs center hall dividing four rooms equally. it's more like he 18th / 19th century "Gulf Coast Cottage" of Pensacola then the "classical Revival" vernacular style of Key West. Of particular note is the detached cookhouse in the rear with original "Bee Hive" oven, the last of its kind in Florida.   House Sign

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